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Engaged and empowered!

Do you feel your voice is heard by the people who govern South Tyneside and shape its future? Would you like the chance to try to make sure it is? Then you're in the right place!

Citizens' Assembly South Tyneside (CAST) was formed by local people who felt that our 'ordinary' voices were seldom heard - and even less often acted on - by those taking the decisions on our behalf.

CAST has been formed to try to redress that balance and engage and empower the people of South Tyneside - the very people who live with the consequences of those decisions. Those whose lives are affected the most yet who seem to be consulted the least - in other words, YOU!

Now is the time for "Community-Driven, People-Powered Change" in South Tyneside!

New UK-wide data released this morning has revealed that Tyne & Wear Pension Fund invests at least £461m in oil, gas and coal – far higher than the £238m known about and including companies planning to expand production.

Even worse – while more than 20% of local council pension funds have now reduced fossil fuel investment to less than 1% of assets, Tyne & Wear is way above the England average.

This underlines our greatest concern: that our money (as local council taxpayers and local council pension fund members) is being used by Tyne & Wear Pension Fund in ways which will harm our futures.

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