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January e-newsletter

Did you know even more local organisations are signing up to Tyne & Wear Pension Fund (T&WPF)?

A wealth of new information on T&WPF is now available in its Annual Report 2022-23. The fund is one of the UK's biggest schemes, and the report includes detailed figures on investment, assets, membership and the latest info on how much your local council contributes (using our council tax payments).


The new total of T&WPF organisations is 322. The list, here, includes schools, universities, theatres, public bodies and many charities. Most users are unaware that their money funds fossil fuels - please help end the secrecy!

November e-newsletter

Lifting the lid: Tyne & Wear's 'dirty' investments

UK Divest research reveals tar sands, fracking and support for companies and projects that expand extraction globally.Sadly, the fund run by our six local councils is one of the UK's biggest fossil fuel investors.FOI research has dug out shock new details of Tyne & Wear Pension Fund's investment in oil, gas and coal. It's BIGGER and WORSE than we knew.

UK council pension funds burn Β£16bn in investments heating our planet and Tyne & Wear burns more than most.This news comes hotfoot after the Carbon Tracker report revealed how pension fund support for fossil fuels has been based on unrealistic finance advice at odds with climate scientists and the UN.

October e-newsletter

'We won't be silenced' - support the rights of pension fund members and local taxpayers to speak out

A vigil will be held outside the Tyne & Wear Pension Fund Annual Meeting because the pension fund excludes its own members from attending. Organiser Alison Whalley said, 'Many of us pay money into the fund twice – as fund members and as local council tax payers. They don’t want to listen to us – but we're determined to have a voice.'

You’re invited to support the protest: Fri 10 Nov, 11am, South Shields Town Hall

Third council demands 'Pension Fund must change'

Hexham Town Council has voted to call on Tyne & Wear Pension Fund to divest, joining North Tyneside and Gateshead. Speaking in support of the motion proposed by Cllr Mike Domingue, Cllr John Ord warned against greenwashing by fossil fuel companies - 'They're setting the human race on a route to destruction.'

September e-newsletter

Mothers' Rebellion Circle targets Pension Fund HQ

'We don't have an option: for the survival of humanity, we need to stop burning fossil fuels.' Almost 60 families and supporters displayed personal placards in front of South Shields Town Hall in an hour-long protest calling on the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund to end its investment in oil, gas and coal.

Exposed: poor Pension Fund advice on climate risks

The Carbon Tracker report highlighted in our last newsletter, is one of several that have recently hit the headlines. Divest T&W campaigners joined a briefing with the authors, who revealed the climate risks advice provided to pension funds - and how far it differs from the consensus of climate scientists and the UN.

August e-newsletter

Petition passes 500 signatures!

And you'll be well aware why moving our money from fossil fuel investment is badly needed. Records are being broken for extreme weather, ocean temperatures, wildfires and even the size of hailstones. Add your name now!

Knowledge is Power: Climate Reading Group

Divest supporters have swapped ideas for climate reads since our newsletter began. Now we'd like to add an extra: a Climate Reading Group.We'd love your help! If you know of an existing climate reading group, please get in touch so we can make contact. And if you'd like to be involved - suggesting reads, joining group discussion, mentioning to contacts - you'll be very welcome. More info here