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Common myths about a Citizens Assembly:

  • they’re only for environmental issues
  • you need to be selected to take part
  • they’re small-scale and single issue

Citizens’ Assembly South Tyneside (CAST) is unique – an innovative, creative response to the lack of inclusive democracy in the borough. At the minute, we don’t have a genuine say in any of the decisions that affect OUR community, OUR livelihoods, OUR health…

Most of the time we don’t get consulted about changes – even when we do, a lot of the time our views are ignored! Decisions are handed down to us. Where’s the democracy in that?

If you agree and want to change this, then CAST is on your side! By standing together, CAST can become a strong, independent and DEMOCRATIC force.

CAST pledges to:

  • represent the diverse views of ALL South Tyneside communities
  • develop, propose and campaign for policies to enhance the well-being of  the WHOLE community
  • hold to account the work of ALL local public bodies

Just 3 reasons YOU should join CAST:

  • a strong, diverse Assembly will strengthen OUR community
    reach a wider audience with YOUR ideas
  • as an Assembly member, YOU will create the much needed, democratic voice within South Tyneside

We are NOT party political - we warmly welcome all members who simply support the development of a truly inclusive and representative DEMOCRATIC system. As an Assembly member YOU can help create a much needed democratic voice in South Tyneside - a voice which CAN’T be ignored. Membership of CAST is open to all those who support the aims set out in our constitution.

Don’t conform to THEIR definitions! Break their mould and re-CAST democracy in South Tyneside!